2021 – 2022 GED Testing Schedule 

Western Valley Region



  • You must have registered on GED.com prior to writing. You only need to register once.
  • Applications must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the writing date(s).
  • Notifications to write will be sent out via email no later than 1 week prior to the writing date(s).
  • It is imperative that you arrive promptly on your testing date(s). If late, you cannot write.
  • All test materials required are provided. No personal items (i.e. Cell phone, food, beverages) will be permitted in the testing room. 
  • You will not be permitted to leave the room during testing. Breaks are scheduled between tests for use of washroom facilities.
  • Registration: You must bring a government issued Photo I.D (i.e. Driver’s License or passport). If you arrive without Photo I.D. you will not be permitted to write. You will also need to know your Social Insurance Number to write on your test.
  • If unable to attend, you must contact me at least ONE WEEK before this session to be rescheduled.
  • You will receive test results through your GED.com account within 3 weeks. You will also receive test results in the mail within six weeks of writing.
  • All COVID-19 precautions are enforced. You MUST bring a mask and may have your own personal sanitizer at your desk. Hand sanitizer will be available in the room for everyone’s use.






NBCC Woodstock                                          

100 Broadway St.

Woodstock NB


First Floor Room A-1110




September 28th & 29th

October 26th & 27th

November 23rd & 24th

December 14th & 15th

February 8th & 9th

March 15th & 16th

April 12th & 13th

May 17th & 18th

June 7th & 8th

September 27th & 28th

October 25th & 26th

November 22nd & 23rd

December 13th & 14th





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Western Valley Adult Learning Association  Inc. (WVALA)


Working with community partners to provide learning opportunities for adults to upgrade their academic workplace skills.


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Charlotte Moorcraft - Treasurer 

Robin Stanley - Secretary

Diana Wasson - Director

Renee Ward - Director

Dawn Spilman - Associate Member

Kelcy Kuhn - Associate Member


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