The CAEC program was formerly known as the GED program
      The CAEC program was formerly known as the GED program

The GED Program was replaced by a new program named the Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) in the spring of 2024. CAEC is a very similar program with a similar process that offers 5 core subjects with Canadian content and it will allow you to complete your High school Equivalency diploma.


Our centres are still operating and you may register to participate in one of our designated classrooms or participate through distance learning online. 


Our Website is in the process of being updated. We thank you for your patience.

For more information about the new CAEC program please select the link below.


Guidelines for prior learning for CAEC are on the link below



At this time, an exact date of availability for the CAEC Tests, which are replacing the GED, is not available but it will be in the very near future. If you would like to find out if you have high school courses that would exempt you from writing some of the tests, please check out our page (google: gnb caec) and click on “PLAR guidelines” on the right side of the page), or call 506 444 2525.


To learn more select the new CAEC official website below.


Our Goal is simple.                                      Helping adult learners reach their goals.                   

At our organization, people always come first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


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In 2008, the Community Adult Learning Program (focused on adult literacy) and the Community Access Program (focused on basic computer training and services) merged to form the Community Adult Learning Network (CALNet). This integrated network, a non-profit organization, provides a variety of adult learning services, including computer training, literacy training, and workplace training, through local centers across the province.


In the Western Valley region, there are six centres and a mobile digital literacy classroom offering a broad range of services. The Community Adult Learning Program equips learners with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their literacy. It also offers Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) test preparation, empowering adults to earn their high school equivalency diploma through an individualized, learner-centered approach. These Adult Learning Centres ensure that adult learners' needs are met within their communities, providing access to technology and resources to help clients achieve their goals.


The Western Valley Region, stretching from Plaster Rock to Nackawic, is home to six academic centers and a mobile digital literacy classroom. For more information about the services offered in this region, please contact the Program Manager.

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We empower individuals to improve their quality of life by giving them the tools they need to learn, offering them better employment opportunities through the attainment of a high school equivalency diploma.


This is our mission at the Western Valley Adult Learning Association (WVALA), a group of dedicated volunteers working together to address the need for educational opportunities for adults from Plaster Rock to Nackawic and everywhere in between.

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Western Valley Adult Learning Association  Inc. (WVALA)


Working with community partners to provide learning opportunities for adults to upgrade their academic workplace skills.


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