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GED (General Education Development) In class Program


The GED certificate is widely accepted as high school ​equivalency.

We accept adults over 18 years of age into this program who want to pass the GED exam. You are free to work at your own pace. Attend classes full-time, or part-time until you are ready to write the exam.

The GED covers 5 major subjects:​

Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing.

The in-class GED program has an ongoing intake, so you can start when it suits you. The program offers a variety of services: literacy, upgrading, pre-GED, and GED prep. Schedules for learners are flexible to accommodate full or part time attendance. There is a common assessment of learners so that learners can start at their own skill level and work at their own pace. Training is free and class size is small to allow for one-on-one instruction.

Literacy, Upgrading and pre-GED

Students can upgrade their reading, writing and math skills in all grade levels. This upgrading can be designed to meet a particular need of a learner with respect to job or educational requirements. For example, a learner may need to upgrade his or her math skills in order to be considered for a particular job.

GED Preparation

GED preparation is offered at all Adult Learning Centres. GED stands for General Educational Development. GED tests are a group of five subject tests which (when passed) certifies that the taker has high school academic equivalency. The GED is usually accepted for jobs that require a high school diploma.

This program is free to adults over the age of 18.

Classrooms are located and proudly serving the communities of Perth-Andover, Neqotkuk First Nation formerly known as Tobique First Nation, Bath, Woodstock and Nackawic.


General Education Development (GED) Preparation Program - GED Online


GED Online is a self-paced, 150 hours/ 4 month course that prepares the learner to write the GED exams. The learner can start at any time throughout the year. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are specific writing dates for the GED test. It is not possible to write the GED Test online. It must be done in person in one of the testing centers in the province and the learner must give 2 weeks notice prior to the date they wish to write the test.

The learner must have a minimum of grade 9 and have completed their education in New Brunswick. The learner must either be 19 years of age or be turning 19 within a 4 month period of starting the GED program. However, in some cases, depending on the age and the experience of the person, exceptions may be made. These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The learner is provided with a mentor who resides in their area to guide them through the course. The mentor usually contacts the learner within a week of receiving an email with the completed application form. The learner can choose to take the course in English or in French. It can be done from home if they have a computer with access to the internet.  A username and password will be provided by the mentor. The mentor will also give the learner their email address and telephone number should the learner need them at any point during the program. The mentor will also give the learner an information package that includes information on testing dates, who to contact when the learner is ready to write, pamphlets about the GED online program, and frequently asked questions.

In order to register for the online course, please contact Calvin Brymer, at 1-506-324-3929 to complete a pre-GED screening.


Format of the GED Online Program


• Everything is done online (1 month per subject) by the learner

• There are 5 GED subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies,  Language Reading and Language Writing
• 5 pre-tests (one for each of the GED subjects) are completed
• Depending on the results obtained on the pre-tests, a number of lessons are assigned for each subject. The pre-test determines what the learner needs to learn and avoids having to review concepts that are already understood.
• 5 post-tests (one for each of the GED subjects) are completed to determine if the learner is ready to write the GED test
• If needed, lessons can be reassigned and redone to review

Digital Literacy/Computer Skills Training


Digital Literacy means basic computer skills. In an effort to improve the digital literacy of citizens of New Brunswick, WVALA is offering basic digital literacy training to adults over the age of 18. This is being offered through a mobile service - we come to you. A digital literacy facilitator will bring up-to-date laptop computers to a public facility (i.e. local library, etc) and hold small classes (up to 8 learners). Our windows computers have both the Windows 10 and Windows 11 Operating system. Our classes are usually 3 hours a week for 10 weeks, however this can change depending on needs.

Included in the curriculum are the following modules:

Computer Basics

Computing is an important part of everyday life in the twenty-first century. From music and photos to banking and communicating, computers have changed the way we work and live. This course introduces the fundamentals of computing, explains the components of a computer, explores operating system basics, and shows how to use a mouse and a keyboard.

The Internet and the World Wide Web

The Internet can connect the learner to people, information, and resources around the world. This course shows how to connect to the Internet, browse Web pages, navigate Web sites, use search engines, and how a search engine works. The course also provides guidelines for determining whether the resources you find are reliable.


With the Internet, communication has dramatically changed. This course explains the benefits of an email account and demonstrates how to use an Internet email account.

Productivity Programs

There are hundreds of software applications available today. This course explores the most common productivity software applications used in business, in education, and at home. The course teaches how to select the right software for various projects. The user will become familiar with the fundamentals of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

Computer Security and Privacy

It's easy to use a computer safely and responsibly if you know how. This course will help improve confidence in computing by explaining the risks and threats to computer security and privacy so users can understand and prevent them. The course also explains ethical and legal concerns with information exchange

Digital Lifestyles

From cell phones to MP3 players to digital cameras, computers are changing our everyday lives. This course introduces new digital technologies, including digital devices such as tablets and cell phones, digital audio and video, and digital photography. It explores how these and other computing technologies are creating new career opportunities and shaping the world we live in.

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