Literacy Coalition of NB Writing Contest

Western Valleys Winner of the 2022 Annual Writing Contest 

Britny Gould from from our Bath Adult Learning Centre! She is featured on the NB literacy website, and received a framed certificate and $100 prize.

One of the 3 winners of the 2022 Adult Learners’ Essay Contest "Learning Changes Lives", whose inspiring story is featured in this newsletter.


PGI Dinner & Auction 2022

Western Valleys Winner of the 2021 Annual Writing Contest 

Destinee Tomah Frey from from our Tobique First Nation Adult Learning Centre! She is featured on the NB literacy website, and received a framed certificate and $100 prize.

One of the 3 winners of the 2021 Adult Learners’ Essay Contest, whose inspiring essay about "Learning Changes Lives" is featured in this ebook.


Western Valleys Winner of the 2020 Annual Writing Contest Teisha Perley from from our Tobique Adult Learning Centre! She was featured on the NB literacy website, received a framed certificate and $100 prize.

One of the 3 winners of the 2020 Adult Learners’ Essay Contest, whose inspiring essay is featured in this ebook.


“Since I was really young, my grandparents always stressed the importance of having an education. I knew going back to school would open many door to better my future. I want to feel accomplished and finish what I started. Making this positive decision to return to learning, is one of the best things I could do for my family and myself.”



Western Valleys Winner of the 2019 Annual Writing Contest

Kianne Nicholas Perley from our Tobique Adult Learning Centre! She was featured on the NB literacy website, received a framed certificate and $100 prize which was awarded to her at the PGI Literacy Dinner and auction in Fredericton! 


How Returning To Learning Has Changed My Life ~ Kianne Nicholas-Perley Tobique Adult Learning Centre  Teacher: Susan Howard

 When I was 19, I decided to go back to school and get my GED. I forgot how much I missed learning and how important it is to have the skills I need to reach my goals. Returning to school changed my life. 
 One of the changes I discovered is a new love for learning. I learned how to create and manage a budget. This skill is important because I only receive one pay cheque a month and I had to learn to budget for groceries and household items. Budgeting is a real-life skill that I will use every day.
 Returning to school also increased my training and work opportunities.  Last summer, I was hired to do landscaping in my community. I was on time, dependable and learned how to fix and maintain the lawn equipment. This job would not have been available to me if I wasn’t in the GED program. 
 Since I returned to school, I have more self-confidence than I ever did before. I set small short-term goals for myself. I get an amazing feeling of pride when I accomplish a goal I set out for myself. I have more confidence in applying for jobs and a lot more determination to succeed.
 Returning to school change my life in the following ways: I rediscovered my love of learning, I have more opportunities and I have the self-confidence to reach my goals in life and succeed. 


An inspiring and fun night with two amazing women! Tobique First Nations Adult Learning Centres Facilitator Susan Howard and myself Celebrating our inspirational adult learner Kianne Nicholas-Perley receiving a 2019 PGI Learner Achievement Award,

facilitated by the NB Literacy Coalition.

Western Valleys Winner of the 2018 Annual Writing Contest

Our Inspiring GED Learner Erika Dove 2018 Gradfrom our Woodstock Adult Learning Centre,taught by one of our awesome 6 GED facilitatorsin the Western Valley ~ Joanne McIsaacReceiving her well deserved awardas one of the winners of theLiteracy Coalition annual essay contest. Erika received a framed certificate

and a cheque for $100 which and was presentedto her at the PGI Literacy Dinner and Auction at the Delta Hotel Fredericton.


Learning For Life ~ Erika Dove

Everyone has their own reasons for not completing high school. For some it’s very personal and they may not speak of their experiences, but I feel that my story could possibly inspire someone else to make the same decision to go back to school.

          I should have graduated in 2007. The same year my daughter was born. I decided to quit school at the beginning of my senior year. I devoted all my time to raising my little girl. A job that has proven to be more rewarding than I could have imagined.

          It has been over ten years since then, and my daughter is growing into a beautiful young lady. She now has a little brother, and their daddy will soon be my husband. I feel like I’m doing a wonderful job raising two loving, caring, brilliant individuals. Everyday they make me so proud, but now I need them to be proud of me too.

          I find it kind of ironic that the reasons for me to quit school are the same reasons for me to want to go back. It is important to me that my children see the value of education and perseverance. I plan to lead by example, and show them the rewards of hard work.

          The thought of going back to school was nerve racking for me. Perhaps it was fear of the unknown, or that I had become too comfortable with being a stay at home mom, but either way I felt anxious about it. I eventually picked up the phone and got in contact with the Adult Learning Center, and I’m so glad I did. The call was the first step to getting the ball rolling, and what brought me into the GED program last September.

          My GED experience will be one I will never forget. All of the people I’ve come in contact with have been so supportive along the way. My fellow classmates have taught me that it doesn’t matter your age, education is valuable and can’t be taken away. Many of these people have left lasting impacts on my life, but no one as much as my Instructor Joanne McIsaac. She saw potential in me I forgot was there. Joanne has helped me to turn my small dreams into big ones, and I can’t think of a time where I’ve had this much confidence or self esteem. Thanks to her my GED is just the beginning. 

I see myself as a goal setter now, and everyday I get a little closer to reaching them. In April I will be writing my last exam and I have full confidence in the fact that I will be receiving my diploma. I’m also pleased to say that pending my results, I’ve been conditionally accepted into the Business Management program at NBCC in the fall. This program will lead to a diploma,  with the option to continue on to university for another two years for my degree. Six months ago the thought of going to university seemed impossible, but now it really is a possibility.

          If I could share some of my own advice it would be to take that first step, no one can help you if they don’t know you need it. I feel I’ve come a long way from where I made my first step, and I can actually say I’m proud of myself.

          A meaningful quote by Angela Davis she says “The most important aspect of acquiring knowledge is realizing how much more there is to learn.” This is so true, never again will I be sitting in the background. I plan to seize every opportunity that comes my way.




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