The CAEC program was formerly known as the GED program
      The CAEC program was formerly known as the GED program

Don’t be afraid to create your own opportunities.

Use our GED program as a stepping stone to build a better future.

Set your career goals high, and don't stop until you get there!

Follow the example that these hardworking, inspirational  GED Graduates.

They continued their education, enrolled in certified programs and graduated from NBCC.

Congrats to all of you from all of us here at the

Western Valley Adult Learning Association Inc.

We deliver the GED program in Nackawic, Woodstock, Bath, Perth-Andover and Tobique First Nations. Get your High school equivalency diploma today!

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right! ~ Henry Ford

Our GED Program

 A Stepping Stone helping you create your own opportunities.


Angie Kinney

& Courtney Bragdon

graduating from NBCC Woodstock

Human Services Program, Grads 2019.

Absent is Anna Davis from

NBCC Woodstock

Accounting & Payroll Administration Program, Grad 2019.


 Ami-Jo MacFarlane, Brandy Ruff graduating from NBCC Woodstock

PSW Program, Grads 2019.

Samantha Foster graduating from the Early Childhood Education Program,

Grad 2019.


An inspiration! No matter what challenges cross a persons path, with the right determination and attitude you can overcome anything.




Megan Michaud

graduating from NBCC Woodstock

Brick Laying Program

Grad 2019.


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